Patrick Shanahan wrote:
> * Helen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [01-06-07 18:56]:
>> Hi,
> Hi
>> Is there a way to delete or rename a file in Gimp? I know I can save
>> with a different name, but then I have two copies.
> No
>> If not, is this an oversight?  
> I think not.
>> Will it be corrected?
> I see no reason.  Gimp is a graphic editor, not a file utility.  In
> openSUSE you have konqueror, mc, krusader, and any number of other
> graphical choices to use beside most capable, the command line.
> If you wish to create a work flow with that capability and utilize the
> gimp, set gimp as the default graphic editor for konqueror and work
> from konqueror instead of gimp.
> gud luk,

'scuse me for butting in, but might the original post not be thinking in
Windows Explorer terms?  In  Windows, the standard Save/Open file dialog
box is also a mini-Explorer, in that one can rename/delete/copy files
lik in normal Explorer.  So the user would be working from with, say,
PhotoShop, but still have the ability to re-organise files at the time
of the File/Save operation.

In Linux, if one uses KDE, iirc there is some provison for this.  I
don't know of Gnome, though.
Dries Venter

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