On Sun, 2007-01-07 at 18:59 +0200, Dries Venter wrote:

> 'scuse me for butting in, but might the original post not be thinking in
> Windows Explorer terms?  In  Windows, the standard Save/Open file dialog
> box is also a mini-Explorer, in that one can rename/delete/copy files
> lik in normal Explorer.  So the user would be working from with, say,
> PhotoShop, but still have the ability to re-organise files at the time
> of the File/Save operation.
> In Linux, if one uses KDE, iirc there is some provison for this.  I
> don't know of Gnome, though.

The overloaded file selection dialog on Windows is generally considered
bad user interface design and fortunately GTK+ is not duplicating this
mistake. The usability of the GTK+ file-chooser dialog can still be
improved, but cerainly not by adding more stuff to it that is already
handled by the native file manager.


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