Alan Wolfe wrote:
> what do sticky labels do to cds? they chemically alter them or
> something?  It seems like the topside could get damaged but that the
> bottomside would remain fine but i guess not eh?
> On 1/10/07, Akkana Peck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Michael Satterwhite writes:
>>> I was going to burn some Gimp CD's to distribute at our IBM (Brotherhood
>>> of Magicians - not Business Machines) Ring. Does anyone know of any CD
>>> labels that someone has made? Would look better than me just writing
>>> "Gimp" on the front with a sharpie.
>> I have a script-fu to make the template:
>> I haven't used it in years, since I found out what sticky labels do
>> to CD longevity (I lost a bunch of vacation photos I'd burned
>> only a couple of years earlier), but for handing out festive CDs to
>> a group, labels do make sense and they're fun to make.
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>>    ...Akkana
>>    "Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional":

The data layer on a CD is, to be technical, just a hair below the top of the 
CD.  I've even heard that CDs/DVDs written
on w/markers (Sharpie, etc.) will be compromised quicker that w/o.  I know they 
(Sharpie) now makes markers specifically
for writing on CDs/DVDs.  I have some right here and the package says, 
"Specially formulated ink for digital media".
Whatever the hell that means.  But that's definitely a vote for never using a 
normal Sharpie on a disc!

If you really want to mark your discs and not worry about screwing up the data 
layer, it's probably a safe bet to write
in the inner (transparent) ring area.  That's the only place I'll write on a 
CD/DVD anymore.

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