Matthias Julius wrote:
> Eric P <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> The data layer on a CD is, to be technical, just a hair below the top of the 
>> CD.  I've even heard that CDs/DVDs written
>> on w/markers (Sharpie, etc.) will be compromised quicker that w/o.  I know 
>> they (Sharpie) now makes markers specifically
>> for writing on CDs/DVDs.  I have some right here and the package says, 
>> "Specially formulated ink for digital media".
>> Whatever the hell that means.  But that's definitely a vote for never using 
>> a normal Sharpie on a disc!
> Is it more expensive that a normal Sharpie?
Um... I don't recall the price.  But I think may have been just a tad more 
expensive than regular Sharpies.

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