I'm trying to avoid buying Photoshop and use the GIMP instead. I need to 
do the technique described at either of the following pages:


Thus I want to use a gradient brush along a path. I tried to do this 
with the GIMP but it doesn't seem to be possible. The GIMP seems to have 
the concept of gradients, brushes, paths, and strokes, but doesn't seem 
to be able to stroke a gradient brush along a path. Strictly speaking, 
there is an option in the GIMP to stroke a path with a brush set to use 
a gradient, but it doesn't do what most users would expect (i.e. what 
Photoshop and Illustrator do) and thus doesn't work. Feel free to 
correct any mistakes or misunderstandings related to the GIMP here.

Question: Is there a way to do the above with the GIMP or do I need to 
shell out $600 for Photoshop?

Thank you.

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