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> I am trying to create some backgrounds for webpages....and they must
> have that "flattened" look. That's the only way I can describe
> it. They look like the contrast has been reduced and the page
> brightened overall. Considering all the tools available in GIMP, one
> of them must be the one , but I can't seem to find the proper one. I
> have tried reducing contrast and brightening but the look isn't what
> I want. If anybody understands what I want can they help ??

There are many ways to do that.  If you are not too familiar with
GIMP and the various color tools that it offers, the easiest way
is probably this:
- Open the image.
- Add a new layer on top of the background.
- Fill it with white (or light gray, or any light color).
- Reduce the opacity of the new layer to 50% or less.

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