On Wednesday 24 January 2007 12:01 pm, Alex Moreno wrote:

> im trying to export this image from png to gif because of the
> IE problems:
> http://bodaestilo.com/templates/bodaestilo/images/content-top.
> to get the effect that you can see on http://bodaestilo.com of
> transparent shadow bellow the text.
> The question is that when i try to export to gif the
> transparency dissepears. I´ve been trying different things
> with no luck. Can anyone help me please?

As was pointed out by Dan, gif transparency is an all or nothing 
deal and only works with one color.

One way to simulate it with gifs is to create a checkerboard 
pattern of 2 by 2 pixels, alternating black and white. Then add 
a layer mask to your image and bucket fill the mask using the 
checkerboard pattern. It will render every other pixel in your 
image transparent and allow content beneath to show through. It 
isn't nearly as smooth as png alpha transparency, but it works.
73, AC7ZZ
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