Carey's book suggests that the Bezier path selection is the most
powerful and best of the selection tools. Is that still the case, or
does gimp-2 have a better one?

Michael Martinez

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> > According to section of 
> > control handles should appear when using the Bezier Path 
> selection tool.
> > However, this does not happen in my installation of Gimp 1.4.6 on 
> > Windows XP. I don't know if that's because the document is 
> outdated, 
> > or if this functionality is not present on Windows.
> Gimp 1.4.x does not exist.
> Also the handling of the bezier paths has changed drastically 
> between gimp 1.2.x (where Careys book is based on) and Gimp 
> 2.x.y. There is more documentation on that on
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