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> Hi,
> This is a very minor issue, just something for the devteam to think 
> about if they happen to be doing something related with the code.

This is Windows specific
> I like to have the focus follow my mouse, and not to have to click to 
> raise a window.  That preference has to do with many applications other 
> than the Gimp.  I find when I am cleaning up a photograph with Gimp, 
> often, maybe always, the filter dialog windows pop up right on top of 
> the image window I am working with.  If I don't get the mouse into it 
> quickly enough, it disappears under the image window and I have to move 
> the image to get to it, and then typically move the image back to see 
> all of it.

Hallo Alex,

under windows there are some tools from Microsoft that include
focus follows mouse:



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