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GIMP Users,

I've been finding it difficult to draw smooth freehand curves in GIMP. I
thought this might be an issue with my Wacom driver (LinuxWacom, from
Sourceforge), but the members of that list are suggesting this might be
a GIMP issue.

First I suggest monitoring cpu load. Especially for drawing on large images,
it's good to ensure that nothing except GIMP is hogging the CPU.

I saw this bug report on line smoothing in the bug reports:

... it seems rather old, even though the latest comment is from spring
of last year.

Are there any developments on this, or decent work arounds?

How do most GIMP users deal with the task of drawing smooth freehand

I don't know. I do know that it is a standard practice when drawing digital
art to draw the original at a multiple of the final size (eg. 4x) and this
addressed most of my concerns about smooth curves even in the days when I
only had a mouse.

I'm running Ubuntu Dapper, myself. And in my xorg.conf, I include the
following lines in each tablet-related device definition:

 Option "Threshold"
 Option "HistorySize" "5"

If I want super-smooth lines, I make a solid color layer, and draw on the
mask instead -- then when I'm basically happy with it, I run it through
PoTrace to smooth it and clean it.

Holding the pen completely upright will cut down massively on any
hand-induced jitter.

Finally, the ink tool performs time-smoothing.
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