FFMPEG-type functionality is implemented for Windows using the FFDSHOW
codecs (http://ffdshow.sourceforge.net/tikiwiki/tiki-index.php). I do
not know whether the GAP can make use of them even if they are installed. 

Depending upon which version of the GIMP you are using, you may already
have the ability to save your frames as an uncompressed AVI video. Older
versions of GIMP-GAP require the UC-AVI plugin
(http://registry.gimp.org/plugin?id=653) to provide this functionality.
It has been hinted to me that the plugin is not necessary in the latest

You may have to use a separate program to convert your frames (saved
either as uncompressed AVI or as PNGs) to video; VirtualDub, Super,
VideoMach, AVIdemux, might be worth googling. In any event, you will
need a separate program to add a soundtrack to your video (as sound is
not available for Windows).

All of the above statements are qualified by the fact that I do not use
Windows and those who do reluct to share their experiences with using
the GAP for video.

> I'm trying to use GAP for a school project, and need to save in MPG
> Does the FFMPEG format exist for Windows?  I certainly don't have it if it
> does.

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