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I have tried the best I know how to change the yellow cursor color in GIMP. When I open a file the cursor turns to a pale shade of yellow that is very hard to see.
I've tried to google for a solution too but have not had success yet.
I do not have the problems you describe, although I do indeed know the problem and remember having had it once myself. I'm working on a MacBook Pro with the most current OS X 10.4.8 with all the latest security updates and all X11 updates. Current X11.app version is 1.1.3.
I'm running two different versions of GIMP:
- The most recent GIMP 2.3.13 compiled by myself (with a little help of darwin ports)
- A recent version of GIMP.app 2.2.11 from gimp-app.sf.net
--> ups, as I start the gimp.app now I see that yellow cursor too : ( Hmm, seems the problem is not solved by Apples updates. Anyway, I've seen people discussing the issue on the net. Lets try google:

A solution is proposed here: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php? story=20060316124704289&query=x11
Please try it and let us know.

Greetings, lexA

With respect this is my second request.

Well, it took me about 20 seconds to find the solution with google. May be you could have done that too after my first hint?

Greetings, lexA

Any suggestions?

I understand there is a problem (and a solution) with X11 in Mac OS X on an Intel Mac which is what I am using.

Thank You,


Kirk Tirakian

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