I've been unable to correct a simple keystoning problem witha photo.

I posted a note on LinuxForums.org a few days ago, but received no
response, hence this follow-up --

The GIMP perspective transform isn't working for me.

I selected "grid", increased the number of grid lines to 25 to
get a bit more precision, selected "backward (corrective)",
cubic (best) interpolation,and then in the "Perspective
Transform Information" box clicked "Transform".

When I clicked "Transform" on the "Perspective Transform Information"
box, NOTHING HAPPENED TO THE IMAGE. I had expected the displayed image
to have removed most of the keystoning.

Shear, scale, and all that other stuff works fine.

I'm using Fedora Core 6, and GIMP version 2.2.13. The image is a
single layer xcf image, RGB format, 640x480 in size. Anybody know what's wrong?


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