Paul Surgeon wrote:
> Ok so let's throw the tags away.
> Is there anyway to get GIMP to use libgeotiff instead of libtiff?
> libgeotiff is built on top of libtiff.
> I have to touch up hundreds of aerial photos and it's a PITA to have to save 
> and then reapply the projection every time I save an image in GIMP.
> Avenza Systems sell a Photoshop CS plugin called "Geographic Imager" that 
> handles GIS formats but it also does far more than what I need and am willing 
> to pay for ($600).
I also wish there was an option to keep Geotiff tags in images.  At 
least the current
version of GIMP I use only raises 3 errors, vs the many errors I got in 
the past.
IIRC the last time I asked about it I was told to write my own plugin.

scott s.

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