On Wednesday 21 February 2007 07:25, Dave M G wrote:
> Anthony,
> Thank you for your response.
> >> How can I get keyboard access to the "pan" tool?
> >
> > View-->Navigate Window
> > opens up a dialog box, in which you can use your arrow keys to
> > pan around.
> That does allow one to move around an image, but it's not the same
> as having a keyboard shortcut. It requires moving away from the
> working area and back again. The arrow keys seem to only be
> effective if the mouse is in the navigator window.

In the development version of the GIMP this feature ha been enabled by 
the default by using the space key..

The current gimp 2.2 behavior, of temporarily switching to the move 
tool will be available throught he preferences settings, though.

In gimp 2.2, another work-around is to click on the small square just 
to the right of the horizontal scroll bar.


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