Dave M G ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> If I create a region with the path tool, and then use the path to create 
> a selection, it seems to be anti-aliased by default.
> I've turned off anti-aliasing in the tool options for all the selection 
> tools - rectangular, circular, and magic wand - and yet converting from 
> a path to a selection remains anti-aliased.
> Is there a way to get the anti-aliasing to turn off when making 
> selections by this method?
> My main goal is to be able to select regions by clicking point by point 
> and having straight lines between them. So far as I know, in GIMP this 
> is accomplished by using the path tool and then converting to a 
> selection. However, considering the above issue, if there's another way 
> to create a selection by clicking a series of points, and have it not 
> anti-aliased, that would be cool too.

One workaround is, to Select->Sharpen after creating the selection. This
will remove all antialiasing.

I hope this helps,
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