On Friday 23 February 2007 20:55, Sudheer Satyanarayana wrote:
> Hi,
> Our business logo was designed by a professional. At this point of time,
> the person who created the logo is not available to edit the image.
> I have posted the images at the following link:
> http://binaryvibes.in/test/test.php
> The image has white patches around the circumference and around the
> alphabets BINARY. When I reduce the image to lesser size, 100x144 it
> looks very awkward.  I have been trying to remove those white patches
> for two days. I haven't been successful.
> Can anybody tell me how to remove those white patches and make the image
> neat?

Ok, firstly gif is evil when it comes to transparency.
It only has a single bit alpha channel - ie. there is either full transparency 
or none. There is no in between.

The person who did the logo created it to go onto a white background and by 
the looks of it you're trying to make it transparent so that you can place it 
on any color back ground.

I'd highly recommend PNG since all the major browsers now support it and IE7 
now handles the PNG alpha channel correctly without have to do browser 
tricks. The PNG format supports an 8 bit alpha channel which means you can 
have 256 levels of alpha. That means nice smooth fading to the background.

It's going to be hard to sort out those edges by hand.
The best thing to do is to load the image into an vector drawing app (an open 
source SVG editor like Inkscape) and trace over the logo before exporting it 
to PNG.
That way you'll get nice clean sweeps along the edges and it will blend/fade 
onto any color background.

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