Sudheer Satyanarayana wrote:
> The image has white patches around the circumference and around the 
> alphabets BINARY. When I reduce the image to lesser size, 100x144 it 
> looks very awkward.  I have been trying to remove those white patches 
> for two days. I haven't been successful.
> Can anybody tell me how to remove those white patches and make the image 
> neat?

Sudheer, others may have a better method, but I was playing around with 
the image a little.  Before I begin, remember that if you are working 
with a gif and if you are attempting to use transparency, only square 
edges will look sharp, while round edges will appear jagged, since gif 
only supports on/off transparency for any given pixel.  .png images 
would look smooth on round edges but are not widely supported by all but 
the newest Internet Explorer version; hence roughly 70% (an estimate) of 
all browsers/versions will not show it correctly.

Here is what I suggest.  Create a new layer and give it the color your 
webpage background will have.  Go back to the logo layer and select ALL 
the black areas using the magic wand.  Use "Select">>"Grow" (choose 1 
pixel), then "Select">>"Feather" (choose two pixels), then hit delete. 
Once all black areas are removed in this manner, merge the two layers 
and apply "Filters">>"Enhance">>"Unsharp Mask" (make amount .1 or so, 
this is to sharpen the logo a bit).  Save as a gif...

When I do the above sequence, I get a nice sharp logo with no visible 
white artifacts.  Good luck.

Ben W.

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