Ben Walker wrote:
> Gerry JJ wrote:
>> On Fri, 23 Feb 2007 19:55:41 +0100, Sudheer Satyanarayana  
>> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> Can anybody tell me how to remove those white patches and make the image
>>> neat?
>> Sure.  Do this (some names may differ, my gimp is norwegian so I have to  
>> translate some things):
>> 1. Load the image into the gimp. Select the color picker tool, or  
>> pen/pencil with ctrl held, and use this to catch the purplish color.
>> 2. Convert the image from indexed to RGB format (Image -> Mode -> RGB).
>> 3. Go to Colors -> Levels, click the third color picker button from the  
>> right at the bottom ("select black point"), click the purplish color. The  
>> logo should now be black. Hit ok.
>> 4. In the layers window, right-click the layer and add a layer mask.  
>> Select grey scale copy of layer in the dialog and make sure "invert mask"  
>> is checked. Click add.
>> 5. Click the leftmost of the two images of the layer in the layer window  
>> to select the image (the other is the mask). Also check the little  
>> checkbox above the layers view, to lock transparency.
>> 6. Switch to the bucket fill tool. In the tool options, select "fill  
>> entire selection". Click the image to fill it with purplish. White patches  
>> are now gone! (But we're not quite finished yet..)
>> 7. Right-click the layer again and select apply layer mask.
>> You now have an image with alpha transparency. To use the alpha  
>> transparency as is on the web, you'll have to save the image in the png  
>> format, but note that (older?) IE browsers doesn't support alpha  
>> transparency properly. Gif only supports on/off transparency. To get nice  
>> anti-aliasing with that, you'll have to add a background to your logo (add  
>> a new layer filled with your new background color, put it below the logo,  
>> and flatten the image).
>> Good luck!
>> ~ Gerry
> This method looked very interesting to me (as a useful method for some 
> of my own projects), but I couldn't get it to work...  I tried many 
> times...  I am using a dev. version of GIMP (2.3.12) in case that makes 
> a difference
> Ben
Oops, my mistake, I had not saved the image first, I had copied it to 
the GIMP off the internet.  Your instructions work just fine.  Sudheer, 
please note my suggestions do not apply unless you copy the image off  
the website you posted.

Gerry, that's a very effective method, I am trying to analyze why it 
works, and I think I know, but I want to rush out this email b4 you try 
and figure out if you gave the wrong instructions.

Ben W.

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