Dave M G writes:
> (On a side note, when I scan my installed packages, I don't even see 
> Gimp-Print 4.2. It seems like I *only* have Gutenprint 5.0 installed. So 
> why is GIMP saying, in the "About" button in the print interface) that 
> I'm using 4.2?

It might be that your GIMP is including an old gimp-print plug-in from
4.2, but the larger package which includes all the printer drivers
is Gutenprint. A little checking with dpkg -S, dpkg -L and aptitude
search might solve that mystery if you're on Ubuntu as your signature
suggests. (I'd check here for you, but I have gutenprint built from
source and have probably overwritten some of the original files.)

I think they're compatible (must be, if the distro installs them
that way) but the experts who would know for sure aren't here;
they're on the gimp-print/gutenprint devel list.
They'd also be the ones who would know whether or not a particular
printer model is supported. Glance at the archives first (at that same
url) to see if anyone has talked about your printer model recently.

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