On Monday 26 February 2007 07:06, Gregor Reich wrote:
> Hi all
> I've got a problem using gimp 2.2.11 on Ubuntu 6.06 (Gnome 2.14.3):
> when I try to open a file, (File > Open), I don't have access to my
> SMB shares (they are not listed in the box on the left hand side of
> the file opener as they are in OpenOffice for example). Is this a
> general gimp issue? Or do we make something wrong? What can I do
> (except for copying it all to my Desktop, modifying it and copy it
> back...)?

Hi Gregor -

I will just ell a bit of history first, then access your point.

The GIMP  is bult with the intent of being a a good image editor. So 
the idea, given that developer resources are limited, among very 
ohter reasons, is that the part of the functionality that is not 
specifc to image manipulation, and, which code can be shared with 
other software to do so. This philosophy had ultimately led to the 
separation, in the past, of the GIMP itself, and the Gimp Tool Kit, a 
s library named gtk+ which provides comon resources such as buttons, 
checkboxes, scrollbars, and file selectors. 

This has been a right decision, and today hundreds of applications run 
using the common base of GTK+, including all the Gnome Desktop 

Overall, the mantaining of the GTK+ base is now done by poeple 
concerned not only with GIMP but wth all these software projects.

The File Selector from the GIMP is straight out from gtk+ - as nmost 
programs do need to open a file, that is quite clearly a resource 
that should be shared among several apps. 

As part fo the gtk+, it is out of the GIMP developer hands -- although 
they, as everyone else, can suggest things to the gtk+ developers.

Samba shares, NFS shares, and a lot of other resources appear, by 
default, to modern Unixsish filesystems as URLs rather than file 
paths. So, if you want to browse sambashares in your file browser in 
a GNU/Linux machinne, you can try typing smb:/  in the location bar.

The GTK+ file selector has a, yet hidden, location bar - hit ctrl + l  
to reach it ansd be able to type in directory paths directly. 
For some reason, however, typing URL's in the file browser in gtk+ 
location bar does not work - it only accepts files and folders.  

This is certainlya  desired feature that has got a lot of discussion 
on gtk+ proper forums - the reason for ti not to work straight from 
tehre can be lack of man power to implement or some other I am not 
aware of.

However, the GIMP has a "Open location..." option which allows you to 
type the URL of your file in a straight way - for example:

This is good in some situations, but it does not allow you to browse 
your remote folder.  

A viable option is to have a file browser open, that will display your 
remote images on the samba server, with a proper location tool bar,
and then to simply drag the full url of your image ((pick it straight 
from that location tool bar), to the GIMP toolbox. That should open 
the image.

I am not certain if it can save back to a remote location with a 
single ctrl  + S - it should do, and if not that yes, would be  a 
GIMP bug the developers can address.

Finally, another option is to mount your SMB share as  localfolder 
with smbmount, so remote files appear just as if they were local 
files to all programs.

So please, try these options, and give us some feed back on how are 
you doing,


> Thanks a lot!
> Gregor.
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