On Mon, 2007-02-26 at 12:18 +0900, Dave M G wrote:

> And as I mentioned, I had already installed Gutenprint from within the 
> Ubuntu repositories.

You installed the Gutenprint printer drivers, but not the GIMP plug-in
that uses them.

> But just to be sure, I went to the Gutenprint project web page, and 
> downloaded their .tar files, and installed that anyway using the 
> "./configure" and "make install" process as described in the instructions.

You should have read the instructions and enabled the GIMP plug-in.

> (Actually, my real question is, "Why does GIMP, and only GIMP, need to 
> use an entirely different set of printer drivers all it's own when every 
> other application seems to be perfectly fine with the CUPS drivers that 
> came with my distribution of Linux?". But I'm biting my tongue on that. 
> All I care about is being able to print directly from GIMP.)

Because GIMP 2.2 predates the set of CUPS drivers that came with your
distribution. That's why you are encouraged to install a newer GIMP
plug-in. Due to the modular nature of GIMP this shouldn't be a problem.
The real question here is, why oh why doesn't your distribution do this
for you? That's a question that you should ask your distributor.


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