Dave M G wrote:
> So my question remains:
> How do I get GIMP to use the Gutenprint plug in that I have installed?
> (Actually, my real question is, "Why does GIMP, and only GIMP, need to 
> use an entirely different set of printer drivers all it's own when every 
> other application seems to be perfectly fine with the CUPS drivers that 
> came with my distribution of Linux?". But I'm biting my tongue on that. 
> All I care about is being able to print directly from GIMP.)
Open System->Synaptic and search "Names and Descriptions" for 
Gutenprint. You should see, amongst the other entries, 
gimp-print-5.0.0-2ubuntu2 or similar. That is what you need to install.

Toby Haynes
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