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> The script looks quite complicated to me, but I will endeavor to use it
> as a model for building some other action sequences similar to this.
> Hopefully by changing just one or two things at a time I can get a feel
> for this and create more interesting scripts down the road.

The script appears complicated because it handles differences in the  
PDB interface between version 2.2 and the development version (perhaps  
my comments obfuscated the code as well). If the script only supported  
versions <= 2.2, it would be about as simple as a script can be --  
perhaps showing such code would make it more clear (I left out the PDB  
registration function):

(define (script-fu-path-fill-aliased image layer)
   (let* ((path (car (gimp-path-get-current image))))
     (gimp-image-undo-group-start image)
     (gimp-path-to-selection image path CHANNEL-OP-REPLACE FALSE FALSE 0 0)
     (gimp-edit-bucket-fill layer FG-BUCKET-FILL NORMAL-MODE 100 0 FALSE 0 0)
     (gimp-selection-none image)
     (gimp-path-delete image path)
     (gimp-image-undo-group-end image)

Personally, I would recommend removing the line that deletes the path  
-- paths take up very little memory and you may wish to go back and  
edit them later.
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