Thank you for continuing to help and explain.
> The script appears complicated because it handles differences in the 
> PDB interface between version 2.2 and the development version
Ah, I see. I had to look up "PDB Interface" to know what you're talking 
about, but now I get it.

Once version 2.4 is released, and if one were to write the code only to 
support 2.4 and later, and not worry about earlier versions, would that 
also simplify it down? I'm thinking if that were the case, then I might 
wait until 2.4 is out and then get more into scripting. After all, from 
what I've read on this mailing list, a 2.4 release seems just a little 
ways away.

> (perhaps my comments obfuscated the code as well).

No, comments are good! The more comments the better, I think.

> Personally, I would recommend removing the line that deletes the path 
> -- paths take up very little memory and you may wish to go back and 
> edit them later.

For what I'm doing, especially considering the volume of coloured areas 
I'm working with, I'm unlikely to every really need a path a second time.

But I'm developing a little confidence with the scripts, so that if I 
change my mind about that, I think I can easily remove that part of the 
script and have a second version that leaves the path there.

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