Dave M G <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Claus,
> Thanks for responding.
>> you can pan by clicking on the middle mouse button (MMB) and then
>> moving the cursor, which changes to a hand, around the image.
> Actually, I had noticed that. But I don't use a mouse, I use a pen 
> tablet, and the equivalent button on the pen stylus is not conveniently 
> placed.
> So I had hoped that I could make a keyboard shortcut to the same action 
> that the middle mouse button does, but it seems that it's not possible.
> It looks like the only way to get panning from the keyboard is to wait 
> for GIMP version 2.4.

Here (Gimp 2.2.0, Windows) I can pan using the cursor buttons.  Cursor
pans in small increments (pixels) and shift + cursor pans in large
increments (window width/height).  Doesn't it do the same on Linux?


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