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Thank you for responding.

> Here (Gimp 2.2.0, Windows) I can pan using the cursor buttons.  Cursor
> pans in small increments (pixels) and shift + cursor pans in large
> increments (window width/height).  Doesn't it do the same on Linux?

I wasn't aware of this before, as I'm still very new to GIMP (if that
wasn't already obvious).

Thanks for pointing this out to me. It's a workable solution until a
keyboard shortcut for a pan tool becomes available.

There is one (not reassignable) -- go to Preferences->image windows ->Space
bar. Choose the 'pan view' option.

The first thing I did after testing the arrow keys was to see if it was
possible to adjust the increments of motion, as one pixel at a time is a
little slow and window width/height is a kind of jarring. But I couldn't
find any interface to adjust this in the preferences.

No, there isn't.
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