I'm running Ubuntu 7.04 (though I had the same problem on 6.10) on a
PC with 1024 MB of RAM and AMD 64 3200+.

I have a Graphire 4, which seems to be set up correctly and I get
pressure sensivity in GIMP, mypaint and the wonderful tablet app from

I have a linear pressure curve set in xorg.conf, represented by a
straight, diagonal curve in the tablet app. Therefore, if I select a
brush with the opacity or size I expect it to be at lowest
opacity/size when I press down lightly, and at maximum opacity/size
when I push down hardest.

GIMP (2.2 and 2.3) does in fact max out opacity and size at only 50%
possible pressure! This is contrary to mypaint and the tablet apps
(Linux) and opencanvas (Windows). I can accurately tell this by
positioning the canvas next to Tablet Apps' pressure gauge, which hits
50% pressure when GIMP's brush maxes out on opacity/size.

Here's a graphical representation of what's going on:

Does anyone know what is going on? Does anyone else get this problem?

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