On Monday 19 March 2007 18:59, Andrew Scott wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to the list and would consider myself a rank beginner. I
> am using GIMP 2.2.11 on Linux, Ubuntu Dapper 6.06.
> The photo I am procesing has rather bright sky / highlights towards
> the top, and I would like to de-emphasise them.
> Question: how do I apply a grey or neutral filter with a vertical
> gradient to the photograph? And how can this gradient be adjusted
> to suit? I checked the web site and documentation, but my
> time-limited search did not come up with anything.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Andrew

Hi Andrew - 
pick the gradient tool (blend tool), assure your self it is blending 
in linear mode, from black to white (i.e. the default parameters - 
witht he default gradient (fg to bg) and default colors (B & W) ) - 
test to make sure, you can always undo it.

Then, turn on the "quick mask"  mode - jsut click on teh small sqaure 
to the left of the horziontal scroll bar on the window. 
The image iwll be covered by a translucent red tint ,w hich is an 
indication of the (un)selected areas. 
While on quick-mask mode, all paint operations work on the selection, 
instead of the image. That means you can  amek aselection that will 
let changes to the image happen with varying strenght, according to 
the gray-level used on the quick mask.

So, witht he quick mask on, make your gradient, turn off the quick 
mask. You should see an horizontal selection mark close to the middle 
of the image - this mark is always where teh selection has half 
strenght. (turn it off in the view menu if you prefer).
Apply your filter now.

If the result is not good, undo a few steps, and apply 
layer->colors->curves on the quickmask, after you apply your 
gradient, to tune the result.



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