Christine Sommerfeldt ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I switched from linux to mac, happy that I could continue using the  
> gimp.
> I wonder why I can't  use the full-screen mode in macgimp. Whenever I  
> select it, a hook is shown in the  full-sreen menu, but the image  
> window stays as it was.
> Has this problem ever occurred?

Yeah, the problem is known from some window managers from linux as well.

The problem is, that some window managers do not respect the
"fullscreen" flag as specified in the freedesktop EWMH specification.
Gimp just toggles the flag "Hey, window manager, please make this window
full screen.". Unfortunately some window managers - apparently the mac
GUI as well - don't recognize this flag and ignore it, the window stays
in its current position.

The Gimp cannot make the window fullscreen itself, since different
window managers might have different ideas of what "fullscreen" actually
means (does the window cover the panels? Stretched across multiple
screens?) and intentionally leaves it to the window manager.
Unfortunately this means, that on some platforms fullscreen does not
work - sorry.


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