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> when it finally comes to the 2.4 release will gimp suddenly be available
> for mac and windows aswell? 

The same source is used on all platforms, so yes, GIMP will suddenly be 
available for Mac and Windows as well - if you do compile GIMP yourself.

> or will there be a timegap between the release of 2.4 for linux and "the 
> rest" (other platforms)? 

The gap is between the release of the source and the availability of 
binary packages - this is beyond the control of the GIMP developers, 
as it is done by volunteers (mostly) outside of the project. 

> and if yes: how long will the compilation (is this the right word for
> it?) for the other platforms take?

The compilation doesn't take long - minutes or hours, depending on the build 
environment (MingW+MSYS is sloooow, for example). Most of the delay is "wait 
until the maintainer finds enough time to do this".

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