On Wed, 4 Apr 2007 10:41:26 -0700
russbucket wrote:

> I received an image from a user of a Canon camera. It has a .epp file 
> extension. I've tried opening it with GIMP, Krita and XnView, none recognize 
> it.

It sounds like the output of Easy Photo Print, a Canon program for printing
files (from a quick web search).  Find out if they can give you the original
from the camera (raw or jpeg).  You can use dcraw (or other programs) to
convert raw images (http://www.cybercom.net/%7Edcoffin/dcraw/).  It might
even work on the epp file.

> Does anyone know of a Linux program that opens it. I also tried Photoshop on 
> XP with no luck. 
> -- 
> Russ

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