I have three messages to respond to. So if I don't address your issue 
reply to reply, don't get upset.

One; The gimp is not a Kernel program. At least not on non-windows 
system. On Windows who the hell knows what is going on. Certainly not 
Microsoft (all the more reason not to worry about it).

Program to program pipes, with the same user shouldn't be much of an 
issue. Linux's dbus feature is certainly a pipe between processes that 
seems to behave well; well enough to have it embedded into the system in 
the last few releases.

I opened the jpeg or gif; saying I shouldn't have access to it's window 
via a script, but via a mouse click is just stupid. Ownership. I have to 
put a script in a directory to have it read, loaded and made available. 
Don't I, the end user have to take some responsibility for my actions? 
Like selecting a menu, pulling it down and running a script?

OK Documentation. Somebody finally answered the question. Only one 
person is maintaining the Py-Gimp docs. I'll help. Gladly. I'll ask 
questions; you answer. Maybe well have a fuller document soon. I don't 
mind being frustrated, as long as there is a goal being worked on, in 
front of me.

Now on to 'open', 'close', 'read', 'write'. These are basic operation of 
any programming language. Scripting or otherwise. Not having them is 
just crippling the language. Saying it's a design choice is ... well 
just a bad design choice. Also having an application call python, with 
implied lists is just bad design. Even if mostly redundant, it just 
voids good programming technique. Calling a user routine with a defined 
set of variables, requires good programming practice. I don't mind 
typing 'self' when programming a class method. Reason would say it's 
implied; why both.

No different here. Require the first three vars to be action, image, 
drawable. It makes coding far more reasonable. Even make a version 
number first, so newer scripts could check for the required vars isn't 
that bad. I have to do it routinely when programming for pygtk.

OK; so help me ask good question, so I can help right good 
documentations; maybe with a few examples to try at the gimp console. A 
damn fine learning tool I might add. I might even join in on the 
programming side. I have the time. And I want an 'antiquing suite' (just 
a personal perversion). Most of my issues to date are reasonable 
features. Access to trip menu items, maybe even with presets; open/close 
files/displays of images passed in on the command string; documentation 
of undocumented features.

Rant reply over.

Steven Howe

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