On Thursday 05 April 2007 17:08, Richard Oliver wrote:
> I am a new but very enthuastic user of GIMP but find it difficult to do
> very fine detail with the use of my Optical Mouse.
> I have read somewhere of a "pen" or "stylis" as input devices and
> wondered if these are available as alternatives to the mouse.
> (I have tried increasing the magnification and using small brushes
> which does help.)
> I am using Win XP Home Ed.
> Usb 2.0 etc
> Thank you for a most interesting mailing list.
> Richard

You can try the the Wacom tablets.
They are well supported on most platforms and work nicely in GIMP.

The cheaper models like the Graphire won't break the bank (normally around the  
$100 mark) and will definitely  work a lot better than the typical computer 

Even my old Graphire 1 has 256 levels of pressure sensitivity which is an 
extremely useful feature. i.e. The harder you press the more "ink" comes out 
of the selected tool. Try do that with a standard mouse ...

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