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I have limited experience with Gimp, almost all of it with photographs, and essentially none with Inkscape. I want to make some simple maps of trails in the area, and mark them with mileages and a few comments. My plan was to download the photographs of the area from Google Earth, put a layer over it, and trace out the trails. Then I can stretch or shrink the image and add the decorations and commentary.

My question is, which is the best tool for this? Or is there a better way to do it than what I am describing? Thanks for the help.

For that I use both. In the first Gimp is better make specific selections on the map (rivers...) and transform it in path. For the roads I prefer make paths manually over the map, stroke these paths on specific layers with correct line width and convert these strokes in paths. Remove initial paths drawn and you can export all paths in svg file smaller and more easy to resize than xcf file. After it is more easy to modify it this inkscape.

But perhaps there is best ways to make this work.


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