Quoting Joshua Simons <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I am trying to blend two exposures using the 2nd technique ("Layer
> Mask")
> described at this URL:
> http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tutorials/digital-blending.shtml
> To use this given two exposures, E1 and E2, I need to find a way to
> use E1
> as a layer mask for E2. Is that possible using GIMP?

The quickest way that I know of is to drag the thumbnail of E1 from  
the Layers window to the Channels window. Then you click on the  
square, red button ("Replace the selection with this channel"), go  
back and activate layer E2, and perform an "Add Layermask"  
initializing the layermask to "Selection".

I have written a Script-fu which will create a selection from the  
current drawable which simplifies the above process a little:

* Perform Select->None. (because the script honors the selection)
* Perform "Select->From Drawable" on E1. (this command is added to the  
Select Menu when you install the script)
* Perform an "Add Layermask" on E2; initializing the layermask to the  

The script is available at  
if you choose to use it. There are two other commands added:  
"Select->Layer Bounds" (which just makes a rectangular selection the  
same dimensions as the layer) and "Select->To Layer" (which creates a  
new layer from the selection using the FG and BG colors).
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