a new GIMP release has been uploaded to ftp://ftp.gimp.org/pub/gimp/

GIMP 2.2.14 is a bug-fix release in the stable GIMP 2.2 series. There
are no new features in this release, but quite a number of bugs have
been fixed:

- avoid crashing on newer versions of the winicon format (bug #352899)
- fixed crash in Postscript plug-in (bug #353381)
- fixed handling of TABs in the text tool (bug #353132)
- fixed bug in Depth Merge plug-in (bug #355219)
- fixed bug in GimpDrawablePreview widget (bug #353639)
- fixed bug in Line Nove script (bug #357433)
- fixed bug in Ripple plug-in (bug #357431)
- save locale independent files from Fractal Explorer plug-in
  (bug #360095)
- fixed bug in Super Nova plug-in (bug #340073)
- be more robust against broken XCF files (bug #357809)
- fixed drawing issues in Image Map plug-in (bug #311621)
- fixed smoothing option in Fractal Explorer plug-in (bug #372671)
- load channels in the proper order when opening an XCF file
  (bug #378003)
- deal with floating selections in the Burn-In Animation script
  (bug #384096)
- fixed clipping in the GimpPreviewArea widget (bug #392692)
- fixed a potential crash in gimp-remote (bug #392111)
- work around a file-chooser problem on Windows (bug #398726)
- fixed markup of the gimp(1) manual page (bug #401145)
- fixed the fix for the right-to-left layout in layers dialog
  (bug #348347)
- fixed PSD save plug-in on 64bit architectures (bug #335130)
- added missing dependency in gimpui-2.0.pc file (bug #356394)
- fixed a crash in the PSD save plug-in (bug #395385)
- improved robustness of transform tool preview code (bug #420595)
- improved forward compatibility of XCF loader (bug #316207)
- don't crash in the Compressor plug-in if files can't be opened
  (bug #422444)
- fixed sensitivity of input fields in the Lighting plug-in
  (bug #359833)

For a complete list of bugs fixed in the 2.2 series, please have a look
at http://developer.gimp.org/NEWS-2.2.

So far this is just a source code release. But we expect binary packages
for the various supported platforms to become available soon.

Unless serious problems show up, this will be the last release in the
2.2 series as we will now fully concentrate on finishing GIMP 2.4. Any
help with that is very much appreciated. We all can't wait to finally
get 2.4 out of the door.


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