Joao Moreira wrote:
> jim feldman wrote:
>> Like others have said, you were probably better off to have done this
>> while scanning using either xsane or vuescan (not open source, but a
>> pretty good scanner prog).  I'm surprised whatever s/w you were using
>> didn't give you the option when you told it you were scanning color negs. 
> I have an HP LaserJet 3057, and I just did "Acquire" in the gimp... but 
> maybe
> the option was there, I don't remember. I'll try that again, though.
> I'd like to thank Alex for the link to, they have a 
> paper
> there, called "Negative to positive", that seems to explain it all. But 
> it is
> definitely NOT simple !
> Thanks all,
> Joao
Isn't that a multifunction "reflective" scanner?  I didn't know it did
transparencies.  I believe you were probably using the xsane plugin for
the gimp to do the scan.  It probably didn't prompt you for film type
since it didn't think you would be scanning film on that model.
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