Julien Michielsen wrote:
> Some time ago I was pointed to Registax, a windows program that runs
> well under wine. With Registax one stacks (stax ;-) a series of almost
> identical images which are composed with a webcam. As far as I under-
> stood the images must be overlapped perfectly. I think this can be done
> with photoshop. Could Gimp achieve this as well?
Hugin can certainly help you align frames perfectly prior to any other 
processing with the GIMP.


If you want to get really serious about astrophotography, you might also 
check out IRAF which I used when I was doing this stuff using large 
telescopes (4m reflector).


Warning: IRAF is not for the faint of heart - the learning curve is 
almost vertical! Read the tutorials.

Toby Haynes
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