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> I'm in the process of digitizing some hundreds record covers (either
> from old vinyl and/or from cd) by rigging my camera and flash on a
> tripod and shooting all the images one after the other.
> The tough task, though, is prepare them for my site:...

> ... I guess that such a job could most probably be performed over
> hundreds of images by running a single batch script at the command
> line.
> Am I wrong?

No, you are right.

> Is Gimp the right tool at all, or other tools would better fit?

Gimp is not the best tool for this.

> Where could I start to build such a thing?
> Is there anything the like already made?

ImageMagick + bash/perl/etc. would be a better choice. If you are 
already using a *nix system, you probably already have it. If not, you 
can get it at http://www.imagemagick.org/script/download.php and you 
can use it with cmd.exe if you must.
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