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> I'm thinking of moving into the 21st century and getting a bottom-end 
> digital reflex, preferably Pentax for the sake of nostalgia. Can
> anyone advise me from a technical point of view as to what I need in
> order to be able to get pictures into GIMP for editing? 

In my opinion, the only thing _really_ worth paying attention to in
relation to "the computer" / Gimp is making sure your camera is
supported by dcraw [1], thus enabling you to read full-sized RAW
pictures right off the device and do something useful to them without
having to use the proprietary tool that usually comes with the camera.
Everything else should be quite easy:

* About storage, most of the DSLRs I know about run on CF cards, and
you can get a decent USB card reader supporting CF and a bunch of other
cards rather cheap nowadays.

* Connecting directly to your machine (USB link between computer and
camera), most cameras by now fortunately seem to be capable of being
usb-storage, thus being handled more or less like an ordinary SCSI
drive. There you go. ;)

About Slackware, your mileage might vary as I don't know what drivers
and/or features come packed with the distribution - running Ubuntu on
various machines, and even my girlfriend (who does not really like
computers that much, altogether) by now manages to easily transfer
their digi-cam pictures to $HOME. 

Overally, however, choosing a DSLR you probably should focus on other
technical aspects of the camera itself, but probably that's another
story... ;)



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