On Friday 04 May 2007 13:05, Dub Yah wrote:
> I just started using Gimp and I LOVE it!  I am
> planning on picking up a USB tablet with mouse-pen and
> wondered if I should expect any of them to interface
> without significant work?
> I dont want to spend too much as this is all
> relatively new for me, but I want to be able to use
> the pen to draw/edit/etc.
> Any particular ones that work best or some that dont
> work at all with Gimp?
> Or am I a total noob and not worth the time it took
> you to read this email?

Always glad to help.  Someone will pick up on this conversation and 

It would help if you mentioned the operating system you are using, 
Windows, MAC OS, Linux etc. 

Also, what version of Gimp are you using?
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