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I am using Gimp on Mac OSX 10.4.9.
I have a Wacom tablet connected to my PC but cannot seem to have the pressure sensitivity working. In the File > Preferences > Input Devices > it did not detect the connected Wacom tablet.

Although this is not the right mailing list (gimp-user would be a better place) I can answer your question. Unfortuntely the pressure sensitivity is not going to work in GIMP at OS X right now. I know this does not help you (us) right now, but it's not GIMPs fault, but a missing function in Apples X11 application. Good news is, that there might be a native gtk (which is the GIMPs toolkit) in the future, which replaces X11 for GIMP at OS X.

Greetings, lexA

How to activate this function? Please help.
Thank you.
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