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> I just installed the GIMP on my windows box.  My task is simple,
> merging two jpg files together.
> When I increase the canvas size and copy and paste the second jpg
> into the first one, there is only a dashed outline of the second
> picture.  I have no idea what's wrong.

When you paste the second image, you have to do one of two things as 
your next action before anything else. You must either click the New 
Layer button or the Anchor button in the layers dialog. The first will 
create a new layer from the pasted image. The second will merge the 
pasted image into the top-most visible layer of the target image. Once 
you do one of those two things your pasted image will show.

But increasing the canvas size may not be enough if you have an existing 
layer you want to paste the image into. The canvas is one thing. Layers 
are another. And they are not necessarily the same size.

Increasing the canvas size just gives your layers, whatever size they 
happen to be, more room to be arranged in.

If you want to paste a large image into a small layer, only part of the 
pasted image will show. If you make it a separate layer, you will avoid 
that trouble, as long as your canvas is large enough to accommodate the 
size of the pasted image.
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