Fabrizio Lippolis writes:
> I use GIMP working on digital images and I often need to crop images 
> respecting the original ratio. Is there any easy way to do it? To 
> perform this task I reduce the length for example, then I calculate how 
> many pixels should be in height respecting the ratio with that length, 
> then I crop again the height. This is rather boring so I am asking. 
> Thanks in advance.

The "Keep aspect ratio" toggle in the Crop tool's tool options is
what you want.

Unfortunately, in 2.2 "Keep aspect ratio" is tricky to use: you
turn it on, then drag in the image to crop and the checkbox turns
off again! It only works if you check it on after you've started
the crop, and by that time the crop rectangle is already the wrong
aspect ratio.

Here's a workaround: click in the image. The crop dialog comes up.
In the dialog, click "From Selection": this will set the crop
rectangle to the whole image. Then go to the tool options and
enable "Keep aspect ratio". Now you can adjust the upper left
and lower right of the crop rectangle and it will maintain the
image's aspect ratio.

This will all get a lot better in 2.4, with any luck. The crop tool
has been completely redesigned and is much better than 2.2 already,
though the aspect ratio part of it still needs some work.

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