On 5/15/07, Richard Oliver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have a photo of a Mountain range which  I want to use as a background
> to advertise a bed and breakfast lodge.
> I have placed four photographs,one showing a picture of the the
> lodge,the others, showing shots of the accommodation.These are as
> different layers,positioned , one in each corner of the background.
> What I would like to achieve is to blend the edges of  those photo's
> into the background so that the edges are semi-transparent and show the
> mountain in a soft sort of light.
> Your help would be much appreciated,Richard

Use the Fuzzy Select tool to select the empty space on the layer.
Then do 'Select->Feather' (20 px would be a good starting point ).
Then do 'Edit->Clear'.  You'll have to play with the feather radius,
depending on image size, how much you want to be transaparent, etc.

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