[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote on 15.05.2007 10:55:48:
> In short, I'm looking for a tool, plug-in etc. which
> collects all isles of a selection up to a certain size
> (specified by maximum diameter or number of pixels) and
> subtracts them from the selection.

David Hodson's proposal [Filters/Generic/]Erode followed by Dilate is indeed a 
very fast and efficient method for removing small irregularities on the 
background. In future, I will use this method for documents having not to high 
demands on the accurate reproduction of characters, stamps, dithered areas etc. 
The NL filter is not a quarter as good for this purpose. The Despeckle filter 
works fine under some circumstances, but it is pretty tricky to find the right 

vt's method removes by increasing and decreasing the selection small isles 
outside the selection completely. While it does not alter the pixels of clean 
regions it has the disadvantage that filigree portions of characters 
(especially the serifs) get excluded from the selection.

While your suggested methods are pretty good for documents of minor demands on 
quality, for the scanned certificates, I still would prefer a tool as described 
in my initial mail: remove small isles of a selection according to their size.
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