On Mon, 2007-05-21 at 23:34 -0500, DJ wrote:

> Does "Auto" change all 3 channels, or do I need to select each channel
> and click "Auto"?

There's a label saying "All channels" next to the button, isn't it?

> If you don't specify a channel, but use "Value", are you making the same
> change to all 3 channels?

You are adjusting all three channels in a way that changes the Value as
requested. Unfortunately this may sometimes also introduce small hue and
saturation changes.

> It would be nice if "Auto" showed the changes it made via the 3
> triangle slides or a number in the text boxes. It does change the
> preview image, but the graph and everything else is the same.

Auto-Levels changes the R, G and B channels and you can read out the
numbers there.


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