* John R. Culleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [05-22-07 10:14]:
> Using gimp 2.3.13:
> When I select the tool Font (big letter A) and then click on a layer  
> I get to a dialog that allows me to enter text. When I select 
> dialogs>font I get to the dialog that allows me to choose a typeface. 
> But there is another dialog I remember that allows me to select the 
> size of the type and the color as well as the typeface. 

Look again at the dialog where you are given the opportunity to select
the font.  It's the same dialog you get when you select the font tool
from the tool box, BEFORE you click on the "Aa".

> Sorry for my senior moment but now I am stymied. 

Spend a lot of time there   :^)

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