On 5/22/07, Claus Cyrny <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  I wonder what I'm doing wrong! :-( Here's an example of what
>  I tried (Gimp 2.2.8/Ubuntu "Breezy"/24-bit color depth):
>  http://home.arcor.de/ccyrny/downloads/circles_rgb.png
>  The "jaggies" remain. :-(
>  How do you achieve getting a smooth circle? I checked both
>  anti-aliasing and feather (3.0) in the selection tool. The zoom factor
>  was always 100%.

Strange - I must never have stroked a selection in GIMP, because it
*is* very jagged.  I'm going to search the bugzilla, but this is a
1. make elliptical selection
2. fill with black
3. selection->shrink->enter width of desired stroke in pixels
4. clear

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